BROOKLYN AERIALS currently flies 4 different heavylift remote-controlled drones that are custom built to fly the world's best cinema cameras, including the ALEXA Mini and RED CF Weapon, capturing perfectly smooth and stable footage right out of the camera.




ALTA_white .jpg

The Freefly ALTA 8 is the state of the art.  What makes it unique is both its folding design and the option to also top mount the camera, for fast forward tracking shots or an interesting perspective, looking up. Compared to our other multicopters the ALTA 6 is designed to lift lighter camera packages and maxes out at 15lbs (ideal for Sony a7s ii), while the ALTA 8 lifts up 20lbs of payload and is a great workhorse to fly the RED and ALEXA Mini with anamorphic or zoom lenses.


CineLifter X8

Brooklyn Aerials Cinelifter.png

The CineLifter X8 is our strongest heavylifter and built to fly full cinema packages. RED Epic Dragon with cinema glass (like a Master Prime or Leica Summilux-C) or even an anamorphic lens with remote focus and MōVI M15 stabilization. Maximum payload is 25 lbs.



Cinestar X8.png

The Cinestar X8 is built to lift smaller camera packages, yet can still easily fly an RED Epic Dragon with a light prime lenses (like Leica R glass or vintage Superspeeds). Maximum payload is 18lbs.


Multi-copters are a revolutionary way to move the camera, with the ability to perform many functions that a traditional helicopter is not able to capture:

  • DOLLY SHOTS - capture smooth and slow tracking dolly shots, just a few feet off the ground. No need to spend hours on leveling tracks.
  • JIB / CRANE - capture a subtle, slow moving vertical shot rising or descending. Why have the big footprint and limitations of a big crane?
  • ELEVATED DOLLY - elevate your dolly move to the tips of trees or 100ft off the ground alongside a building.
  • INFINITE CRANE - envision a dolly shot that turns into a jib move and doesn't stop to rise.

Freefly MōVI MR Stabilization

The heart of our multicopters is the Freefly MōVI MR10 and MR15 - which stabilizes the camera in a way that no other stabilizer in that size can do.

In the past, 3-axis gimbals were not powerful or fast enough to properly stabilize cameras. As a result, wide angle and post-stabilization were required for nearly every shot.

Now, with the release of the Freefly MōVI, options are limitless.  The MōVI is able to perfectly stabilize cinema cameras without any post-stabilization or the need for wide-angle lenses. Even shooting on a 100mm lens is now possible - allowing for extremely polished, high end footage.

MoVI MR15 RED Epic Dragon.png