RED Epic Dragon.png


The RED CF Weapon is our go-to camera.  Its very compact and allows us to get a remarkable 6K resolution that can be used for anything from web-based pieces to broadcast or theatrical screenings.

Different lens mounts (EF, EF Motion Mount or PL) and OLFPs allow us to adjust the camera to any production and circumstances.


The MōVI controller has changed operating the MōVI tremendously, whether being handheld or airborne on one of our drones. 

The controller allows for even more precise pan and tilt moves, integrates remote-focus, and opens the door for unique roll moves and quick setting changes.

In combination with the Freefly Wedge it can also be a full FIZ (Focus-Iris-Zoom) controller.


In the past, 5.8gHz standard-definition long range wireless video downlinks have been the best option for multicopters. They are great for basic framing and guarantee a steady signal that won't cut out.  But when flying longer lenses that requires focus pulling, a reliable HD solution is required.

The 2nd generation of the TERADEK Bolt 2000 really delivers that and has changed our approach and results to aerial cinematography.

We own the Bolt 2000 with 3 receivers and the long range antenna array for maximum performance. Allowing to stream the video to Assistant Camera, Director and Client/Agency at the same time.


The Easyrig and Flowcine Serene-Puppeteer combo is a game changer for working with heavy MōVI M10 or M15 setups.  While in the past the operator would physically have to support the full weight (for a fully loaded RED Dragon kit it could be up to 17-20lbs) with his arms - now the Easyrig takes a bulk of the weight and distributes it more evenly all over the body. 

The Flowcine Serene at the same time helps to keep vertical movement and shake create by the footsteps of the operator to a minimum. The Flowcine Puppeteer helps to improve tilt performance that otherwise would be minimized with Easyrig/Gimbal set-ups.


The Flowcine Black Arm is Flowcines latest masterpiece that will further help to get the most out the MoVI M15.

The Black Arm is a 3-axis dampening system with a additional vibration mount for stabilizing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations. Its the ideal addition for any kind of car shoot that uses the MoVI.

The arm hard mounts to standard speed-rail and could be placed literally anywhere: to the front of the car, low to the ground; on top of the car, high up or even on an ATV to go off-road.